VII Conference Solina 2018

VII Conference



Architecture - Building Construction - Environmental Engineering and Protection

Innovative energy-efficient technologies

- utilization of renewable energy sources -

Conference date:

  June 19 - 23, 2018   

Topics of the Conference

  1. Principles of sustainable development - possibilities of application, economic and technical issues
  2. Contemporary and future trends of architectural and structural design
  3. Solar architecture, buildings: passive, low energy, zero energy, nearly zero energy, energy plus
  4. Modern materials and technologies in architecture and construction
  5. The issues of building physics, heat and moisture exchange in building partitions
  6. Utilization of renewable energy sources, equipment, technologies, systems
  7. Helioenergetyka, stan obecny i perspektywy rozwoju
  8. Innovative energy-efficient technologies in the sectors of: building construction, industrial, transportation
  9. Photovoltaics - theoretical, technical and application issues
  10. Modern technologies for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting
  11. Architecture and construction of historic buildings
  12. Sustainable development of cities, districts, estates, revitalization
  13. Interior design, modern solutions, materials and technologies
  14. Landscape architecture - tradition and modernity - architectural, structural and natural solutions
  15. BIM technology in the processes of designing and realization of building objects
  16. Energy issues in agriculture, scientific considerations, research and development
  17. Building certification, energy audit in building construction
  18. Problems of comfort and influence of artificial environment on people
  19. Energy resources, rational energy consumption, environmental protection and recycling
  20. Climate change, phenomena, causes, effects and forecasts
  21. Renewable energy policy and energy conservation
  22. Financing of environmental investments and support mechanisms

All persons interested in the topics of the Conference are welcome

We also invite PhD students and students of doctoral studies

There is possibility to participate in the Conference with or without paper

Conference papers, after positive reviews, will be published

We invite you to come in June 2018 to the Bieszczady Mountains on the Solina Lake ...

... and to participate in the Conference SOLINA 2018

 Conference Secretariat

Rzeszow University of Technology

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering

and Architecture


Department of Building Engineering

 Poznańska 2

35-084 Rzeszów


17 8651728

17 8651702

17 8651025



Organizing Committee

Lech Lichołai Chairman
Joanna Krasoń Secretary of the Conference
Aleksander Starakiewicz
Bernardeta Dębska
Przemysław Miąsik
Jerzy Szyszka
Marcin Kaczmarzyk
Michał Musiał
Artur Szalacha
Jerzy Szymczyk


We invite you

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                                                        Arrival to the Conference in Polanczyk

        It is possible to get to Polanczyk by car, or using one of regular, direct bus connections, that are available every day and course in both directions.
        Direct bus connections to Polańczyk are offered in many polish cities, such as: Warsaw, Wroclaw, Katowice, Krakow, Lodz, Kielce, Rzeszow and many more.
         It is also possible to get to Rzeszow by train (to main PKP train station) or by airplane (to Rzeszow-Jasionka International airport) and  after that, to continue the journey to Polanczyk by bus.
         One may also  be served by  one of Rzeszow car hire agencies, including those  localized at the very Jasionka airport.
         Participants of the conference   individually decide on their transport to Polanczyk, and organize it   on their own.
        In case of  deciding to travel by a common carrier  it is advised to check available terms and to get acquainted   with company's travel regulations  and its ticket selling policy in advance.